Seabridge Primary School

Working Together To Be The Best We Can

The Queen's Birthday

On Thursday 21st April we had a wonderful day, helping to celebrate Her Majesty's birthday. We recognised this momentous national celebration by dressing in red, white and blue, decorating cupcakes (take a look at our photos below!) and by making a birthday card with a self-portrait of every child in the school glued into it. We sang 'Happy Birthday' and the National Anthem in a special assembly - there was a real sense of pride from each and every one of us.

Earlier in the week, we had shared our learning about the Royal Family, including the family tree, places they live and what they do to contribute to society (both nationally and internationally)as part of their role, and earlier in the year, Y4 had done a special litter pick - 'Clean for the Queen'. All of this has helped us to remember just how important it is to contribute to our communities and to be generous with our time.