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Forest Day October 10th 2016

Time to embrace the great outdoors through nature. Forest school days enable the children to express themselves through activities and free play whilst supporting the curriculum in an outdoor environment.

In 2015 we embraced our first Forest School Day, it was a great success and provided inspirational and exciting times for the children. On the back of this success we bring this years 'Forest Day' with different activities and more challenging ideas. Each year group has a different set of plans, with a minimum of three items that they had to make. Extension activities were planned using natural resources, providing outdoor games from years gone by, which are easy to make without a price tag. These activities are planned to provide the children with ideas that they can play at home, in a hope that we can break the constant need for technology. Instead a good dose of nature can have a positive impact on self esteem and confidence as children achieve challenges that they have set for themselves. Being outdoors children get the chance to take risks, test their boundaries and use all of their senses. 

Forest school sessions help to provide the children with a nature rich environment. Mrs Copeland with the help of the Forest Rangers, Eco and Gardening  club promotes the need for a weekly dose of nature with the...'vitamin N challenge' . 

Den Day...'Save The Children' 2016

Raising awareness to help those less fortunate.

On Friday the 17th June 2016, the whole school took to the great outdoors armed with materials to create their dens.

The children were aware that the dens they were creating were a replica,similar to the homes of children from poorer countries.

The day was a great success with a serious undertone promoting spiritual,moral, cultural and  social diversity.