Seabridge Primary School

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For a quick and easy guide to the new curriculum please refer to the curriculum guidance from Rising Stars here. Alternatively visit your child's year group page to view specific information for that year group.


At Seabridge we are passionate about energising and encouraging our children to develop an enquiring mind through a creative, exciting and varied curriculum. We have designed our school curriculum so that it is both relevant and engaging for our pupils and their individual needs in order to prepare them for the future, as well as being relevant to our local community, mindful of our heritage and celebrating global diversity. The statutory National Curriculum is encompassed within this so that a broad learning experience is had by all. Underpinning our curriculum are the cooperative values of Responsibility, Equity, Democracy, Solidarity, Honesty, Openness and Equality, and these values are taught contextually throughout the curriculum alongside cooperative learning behaviours. We believe that this approach enables children to become enterprising and independent learners, with a deep respect for the world in which they live. 

As a statutory requirement, we teach the following subjects based on the National Curriculum:


-Maths and Financial Capability


-Art and Design

-Computing and eSafety

-Design and Technology





-Physical Education

-Religious Education (RE) is taught using the Staffordshire Agreed Syllabus.

-PSHE is embedded through all subjects in order to ensure a focus on pupils' social, moral, spiritual and cultural understanding of the world in which we live, as well as our British values.


Topics are used to make connections between subjects, and to strengthen and deepen the application of learning. Parents are provided with details of each topic through a curriculum letter, and are encouraged to contribute in any way they can. There are numerous opportunities for creative thinking and exploration, and our Forest School Curriculum enables us to utilise our excellent grounds.

At the beginning of the academic year each year groups hosts a 'Parents' Information Evening' in order to inform parents of expectations for the year, systems and procedures for the new year group and to provide guidance about the curriculum. In addition to this, each term we give parents the opportunity to attend our Parent Consultation evenings, during which the class teacher is able to discuss their child's progress, achievements and targets. This is followed by open afternoons in the summer term when children can share their work with parents and grandparents, and celebrate their achievements.

Additional information about the statutory and non-statutory requirements can be found in the National Curriculum document.

Curriculum statements for each individual subjects can be found above by clicking on the relevant subjet area. 

School curriculum overviews can be accessed via individual class areas of the website underneath the "Our School" Tab.

The above information is also available in pdf format.