Seabridge Primary School

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Year 6

Welcome to Year 6.

See what we've been up to so far this year!

What's going on in the Spring term:




As part of our CSI Science topic, we visited Catalyst Science Discovery Centre; we all enjoyed taking part in a criminal investigation. 

We were also a very active audience when watching the light show, using scientific vocabulary to answer questions.

Take a look at the photos below.



We arrived at school to find that the KS2 hall and 6F had become crime scenes. It was our job to work out who the culprit was by carrying out suspect interviews,  deciphering emails, cracking codes, testing fingerprints and completing chromatography.

We eventually found out that Mrs Massey was the culprit!

Our wonderful War Poetry by Year 6

Mrs.Harrison's English Group have been creating their own poems, following their lessons on War Poetry. They have worked hard on annotating some very challenging poems, from very different perspectives of war during the early 1900's. This has helped the children produce beautiful poems using various writing techniques such as: enjambment, juxtaposition, hyperbole and personification.

We are thrilled with the outcome of their poems, you will hear great examples of empathy in them all.

Below you will find the information regarding our residential to Blackpool and SATs week.

When looking at division, we used the place value counters to support us in developing the clarity of our mathematical reasoning.

Look at us in action below!

Have a read of our Autumn term Curriculum letter to see what we will be getting up to between now and Christmas.

As part of our topic, we composed our own pieces of music to accompany an African dance. We then used percussion instruments to perform as a group.