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Working Together To Be The Best We Can

Welcome to Year 3!

Listed below is everything you need to know about Year 3.  This includes our aims for the curriculum, homework, reading and any other useful information.

Year 3

Below you will find snippets of everything we've been up to throughout the term, as well as some of our roles and responsibilities. 

School Council Members:

3D Isla                            Harrison

3B Luke                          Phoebe

Eco Representatives:

3D TBD                     3B TBD


3D Ruby                      3B Darcy

Year 3 had a great time at RAF Cosford and  Kingswood, using teamwork, building resilience and trying new things.

Year 3 went from the Stone Age to the Iron Age in their performance.

We've had loads of fun this term as part of our Forest Schools. We've built mesolithic tents, gone fossil hunting to find out about the past, made weapons, and soon we're going to have a prehistoric campfire!

As part of the Year 3 work on Forces and Magnetism, the children were tasked with creating a board game which used magnetism for homework. In addition to this they could also create an advert, box or instructions; make the game related to maths; or play the game and others with their families. I'm sure you'll agree the results are fantastic. Thanks to all the Parents who helped make this a success!

We had loads of fun on Forest School Day

Here are the links to the number bond and times table activities mentioned in your diaries.

Place Value.

Number Bonds and Times Tables.