Seabridge Primary School

Working Together To Be The Best We Can


Staffing Structure


Executive Headteacher:   Mrs S Mitchell

Head of School:  Mrs J Harrison

Senior Leadership: Mrs M Bateman, Miss K Fisher, Mrs K Atkins


Wrap Around Care: Mrs D. Smith, Mrs A Whitehurst


NURSERY: Mrs V. Sayer (Mon-Thurs), Mrs S. Jones (Tues-Fri)

TAs: Mrs C Kempa, Mrs D. Smith, Mrs C. Sudhrsan


RECEPTION:  Mrs M. Chapman    and         Miss E. Keeler

TA:                   Mrs H. O'Rourke     and         Mrs K. Allen


Y1: Mrs S. Lomax    and    Mrs A. Buckley

TA: Mrs S. Sherratt   and    Mrs S. Anderson


Y2: Mr P. Rogers     and   Miss E. Bray

TA: Mrs R. Kelly      and   Mrs J. Bailey


Y3: Mrs K. Davies     and    Mr M. Bennett

TA: Mrs J. Pointon   and   Mrs J. Keen


Y4: Mrs A. Dale    and   Mrs S. Burton

TA: Mrs. E. Pickering   and    Mrs E. Copeland       


Y5: Miss K. Cheng   and    Miss M. Moore

TA: Mrs Y. Taylor      and    Mrs J. Cartlidge


Y6: Mrs K. Atkins                and     Miss K Fisher

TA: Mrs M. Greenwell        and     Mrs R. Tonry


Office Staff               

Mrs D. Massey (Office Manager)

Mrs C. Purcell (Administration Assistant)

Mr D. Whiteman (Bursar)



Site Supervisor: Mr J. Shufflebotham    

Janitor: Mr M. Wilton